Welcome to Whistle Stop Trains, your complete model railroad store. We offer a wide selection of locomotives and rolling stock in both plastic models and brass models, as well as structure kits and one of the best selections of detail parts anywhere. Having trouble finding something, let us try.

We currently have a large selection of HO scale models. Although HO scale is our most popular scale right now, we also have a large selection of both Lionel and MTH O scale and N scale models.

Some of the popular manufacturers in HO scale are Walthers, Athearn, Atlas, Woodland Scenics, and Bachmann. We have a large selection of products from these manufacturers and stock several other companies in HO Scale also.

Our largest selection of N scale products comes from manufacturers like Atlas, Athearn N Scale, Micro-Trains, and Kato. We also have a selection of products from several other companies. If you trying to find something from companies not listed here, please feel free to give us a call at our Oregon train store.

For O scale and O gauge products, we have a large select of MTH and Lionel product. We also have Atlas O products, but we only have Atlas O 3 rail in stock. If you would like to order some Atlas O 2 rail, we will be happy to order it for you.

For people who like to scratch build, we have a nice selection of wood, of several different scales, plastic, mostly from Plastruct, and metal pieces from K&S Metals. We also have a large selection of HO detail parts for people who need those last few detail parts to finish their scratch built locomotive shell, or for people who like to scratch build their own scenery.

A few years ago we started a weekly newsletter to let our customers know what was new in the shop each week. Sometimes we are amazed at how many new models, books, magazines, videos, and other items may show up in a week. Also listed are Local events, such as train shows, swap meets, and other railroading events of interest. Recently, we started listing Model Railroad Clubs, their location, and hours of operation. If you would like to receive a newsletter from our model train store, please sign up for our E-mail newsletter by clicking here.

Brass - Updated: July 29th, 2013

We usually have a good selection of brass models in our store. Our brass models are listed by scale and type of model, such as Steam, Diesel, Passenger, etc. We do a major update of the brass list at least once every month with an update after a piece is sold from the brass case. We are in the process of getting a picture of every piece onto the brass list so customers are able to see what the piece looks like and the condition. If you currently do not see a picture of a piece you are interesting in and would like to see what it looks like please send us an email to whistlestoptrains @ comcast.net.

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